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Apr 12, 2017
  • McMMO

    McMMO is a plugin that allows you to rankup your skills within the server and use different abilities, there is many abilities such as axes, alchemy, excavation, fishing, herbalism, mining, woodcutting, archery, swords, taming and unarmed.

    We have disabled unarmed for pvp on our server and the max amount of Credits that can be applied to unarmed is 1 to prevent people wasting their Credits.

    All PVP related McMMO abilities have been limited to a max of 500 Credits redeemed on them.
    All other abilities are capped at 1000.

    McMMO has it's own wiki and you can find more information about the plugin here.

    - View your mcmmo stats.
    /mctop - View the top mcmmo stats from players on the server.
    /<skill> - View more information about that skill.

    Our ranks have Credits that you can redeem on your skills. (store)
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