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Jun 12, 2017
  • HeadHunting

    HeadHunting is our plugin that allows players to drop heads when they die and they can be sold by other players, mobs heads can also be sold however these don't drop often.

    How does this work?

    When killing mobs with player interact they now drop heads that are worth a percentage of what you buy the spawner for and you can either sell these mob heads like other heads or if you have demon dust you can take them to the Skull Enchanter to have them exchanged into a random enchantment.

    Skull Enchanter:

    The skull enchanter is where you can upgrade your skulls and your enchant levels, you can also combine your enchants. You can only have a max of 5 enchants per skull.

    Skull Enchanter is located in spawn, click the NPC to access the GUI.

    Demon Dust:
    You are required to have demon dust to decrypt your mod heads, this is found randomly when mining.

    Upgrading Enchant Levels:

    So when upgrading your enchantment level on your skulls it goes in the following format.

    2x LVL 1 enchant > Level 2 enchant.
    2x LVL 2 enchant > Level 3 enchant.
    2x LVL 3 enchant > Level 4 enchant.
    2x LVL 4 enchant > Level 5 enchant.

    Example: I have two "Blast Miner I" skulls, I can place them both into the Skull Upgrader to get "Blast Miner II"

    Make sure you read the preview before applying the enchants otherwise you might not get what you want.


    You can view all the active enchants ingame with the /skullenchants or /ce command.


    • Underwater Breathing - Take no damage when underwater.
    • Fiery Aura - Gives a chance to set the opponent on fire.
    • Obsidian Breaker - Gives you instant breaking of obby with a pickaxe.
    • Sponge Breaker - Give you instant breaking of sponge.
    • Venomous - Gives a chance to give the opponent the poison effect.
    • Blast Miner - Allows you to mine in a radius.
    • Slow - Gives a chance to give the opponent the slow effect.
    • Fire Resistance - Take no damage from fire or lava.
    • Weakness - Gives a to give the opponent the weakness effect.
    • Nausea - Gives a chance to give the opponent the nausea effect.
    • Withered - Gives a chance to give the opponent the withered effect.
    • Harvester - When farming contents go straight into your inventory.
    • Haste - Gives a permanent haste boost.
    • Jump - Gives a permanent jump boost.
    • Speed - Gives a permanent speed boost.
    • Stamina - Refills your food bar automatically.
    • Aimbot - Gives increased damage when hitting target in the head with projectiles.
    • Retention - When mining a spawner it will appear straight into your inventory.
    • Strength - Gives a permanent strength boost.
    • Cleanse - Gives a chance to remove all debuffs from splash potions.
    • Life Steal - Gives a chance to steal the opponents health.
    • Rebound - Allows you to "bow boost".
    • Hulk - Gives a chance to do double damage.
    • Miner - Gives more EXP when mining blocks.
    • Slayer - Gives more EXP when killing mobs.
    • Health - Gives an extra heart per level.
    To activate the enchants you must be wearing the skull, when you remove it they are no longer active.

    - Sell a head and/or mob head.
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