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Apr 12, 2017
  • Factions

    Factions is the plugin that allows you to create your clan of members and claim your base, it also allows you to enemy, ally, truce, neutral and raid other factions.

    /f help
    - See all the factions commands.
    /f create - Create a new faction.
    /f disband - Disband your faction.
    /f list - See a list of all factions.
    /f who - See information about other faction.
    /f player - See your information in your faction.
    /f status - Show your faction status.
    /f join - Join another faction.
    /f leave - Leave a faction.
    /f sethome - Set your faction home.
    /f unsethome - Unset your faction home.
    /f home - Teleport to your faction home.
    /f map - View all claims on the map around you.
    /f name - Set your faction name.
    /f description - Change your faction description.
    /f motd - Set your faction motd.
    /f kick - Kick a player from your faction.
    /f title - Set a player title.

    See full plugin documentation of Factions here.

    Faction power can be purchased on the store to give you a bigger claim. (store)
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