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Apr 12, 2017
  • Essentials

    Essentials is a plugin that most servers use, it does the basics like manages the kits, warps, homes and more!

    /home - View your homes.
    /sethome - Set a new home.
    /spawn - Teleport to the server spawn.
    /feed - Refill your food bar.
    /echest - Access your ender chest on the go.
    /warp - Allows you to warp to the warps made by our admins.
    /tpa - Teleport to another member or friend.
    /tpahere - Teleport another member or friend to you.
    /tps - View the server performance.
    /heal - Heal yourself.
    /help - View all the commands you can use.
    /helpop - Message a admin or mod directly.
    /fly - Fly in your territory or wilderness, ally territory, spawn. (Requires Ultimate to Fly in Wilderness, Ally Territory and Spawn)
    /top - Returns you to the top of the world. (Requires Legendary)
    - Allows you to fire a fireball every 60 seconds. (Requires Legendary)

    A full list of essentials commands can be found on the Essentials Reference.

    Some features on this wiki page require a donator rank to use.
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