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Pending Zayvo staff application

Discussion in 'Staff applications' started by Kimboz, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Kimboz

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    In-game name?:Zayvo

    Age? 15

    Donation Rank? Reboot

    Any previous server bans? (Why, please use detail.): Yes my cousin Tyler was on my account and he used a hacked client which got me banned

    Can you Record? (Yes or No.): I can but fps will suck when recording

    Why have you decided to apply? Iv played on this server for a awhile now and see staff members starting to be inactive and hackers that need to get banned and it sucky seeing they server likes this and I'm willing to help Even if this will not get accepted im still willing to help server out when ever in need.

    How long have you played onReboot? 2 1/2 years

    Timezone? (Exact): Est

    Do you have Teamspeak andSkype? (Please don't post your skype here 'Yes or no'): Unfortunatly I dont have team speak at the moment but I do have Skype and discord

    -Note you must be able to talk.-

    -If you do not have it get it as it's required!-

    Do you have any experience with server Moderation? (Explain in Detail):
    Iv had past experience on smaller servers
    Had any name changes? (List Them):
    Timberlybeast XxPvp_Unlishedxx XxToxic_Gamingxx TypicalModz IProStrafez Kimbos Scuffyz Qauvo Zayvo
    Anything else you would like to tell us?:
    I will be keeping Zayvo's ign im a really active player. And I loved to be staff member and think I would be a good improvement of the server.
  2. Halaboos

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    Playing this server for 2 1/2 years? What, were you 4 when you joined the server? You're not 15.
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  3. Kimboz

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    First of all two and a half years =2 1/2 years dont see where u thaught i was 4 re-read what u commented
  4. Yershi

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    Your application seems very good and descriptive, despite a few problems i see. First, your spelling seems to be off such as the words: I've (I have) and
    Also, it seems to be an issue that you blame the ban on your cousin Tyler. There are many ways you could have prevented this, if it is true. Such as: Not having a hacked client downloaded, watching your cousin Tyler so he doesn't do anything stupid such as hack on a server you later are going to apply for staff on, or just not letting him play on your account.
    It bothers me that you cant just take the blame of the ban. But besides that, the application is very detailed and Good Luck :).
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  5. _Wolfy

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    I suggest you re-write your application, check your post for grammatical/spelling errors and then submit it.
    Also as Yoshi stated your name is definitely something you should change if you want to be staff. Staff represent the server having a name such as 'Get_Cyberbullied' does not give other players a good impression of the server.

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