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Pending Myths Staff Application (_TheMyth)

Discussion in 'Staff applications' started by MythicalCombo, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. MythicalCombo

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    In-game name? (Not your Nickname):_TheMyth
    • Age? (You must be 15 to apply.):16
    • Donation Rank? (You must Donate to the server to apply.): Yes I am currently legendary rank and one of my alts it vip.
    • Any previous server bans? (Why, please use detail.): No sir
    • Can you Record? (Yes or No.): Yep planning to maybe start a small yt with a friend I don't know yet.
    • Why have you decided to apply? I feel that I would be a great addition to the staff team. because I love getting to know different types of people and feel comfortable talking with almost anyone. I am well known inside of the community and respected. I want to help reboot come back to where it once stood with many active player, and with a safe community. I would stop the Racist, Sexiest, or any of the unfriendly language that would appear in chat. I am also fun to talk with and joke around with, but I would not abuse my power! I am not one of those types of people that just is applying to have the title of [Helper]. Don't get me wrong though it is nice not to lie, but I truly want to grow with the community and help it. To conclude things as many people know I'm very active and only in the past 2 weeks was I not, because my computer was broken. on weekdays I usually spend anywhere from 3-6 hours and weekends usually 7-12 hours.
    • How long have you played on Reboot? (Doesn't have to be exact): almost 2 years
    • Timezone? (Exact): Pacific
    • Do you have Teamspeak and Skype? (Please don't post your skype here 'Yes or no'): Yes I have Skype, ts and discord, But recently got a knew computer so there all downloading as I speak.
    • Do you have any experience with server Moderation? (Explain in Detail): Yes I used to moderate on a server called lockedcraft but that was 3 1/2 years ago. The server died but I stayed with it till the end and when it finally shut down I wondered servers. Finally I ended up here and here I am.
    • Had any name changes? SupremeCombo, MythicalCombo, GrandSonOnNotice, Stephanie (it was a joke), and back to MythicalCombo, MythOP, _itsstephanie, and now _TheMyth
    • Anything else you would like to tell us?: I am a freshman in high school, and I enjoy playing soccer, doing wrestling, and learning Japanese.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my application
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  2. Brandon_Fuzz

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    He walked me through on how to buy a rank and was really friendly and helpful, if wasnt for him i wouldnt have gotten a rank.
  3. KrazyKube

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    He is a really nice guy, fair player, helps other people out in exchange for nothing! Trust me you want this guy!
  4. thomasthetrain

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  5. Yershi

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    I think this application is great! There are a few things that have caught my eye though. This consists of you being a freshman and also being 16. I am also a freshman (sophomore in 3 months) but I am 15 and turned 15 during my freshman year. I do believe you but I am just questioning if it is the truth. There are also some grammatical errors that could be easily fixed. Good Luck and this is one of the most valid applications I have viewed with a very strong player behind it :)

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