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Kayde_'s ban appeal folks

Discussion in 'Archive' started by QuitRate, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. QuitRate

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    IGN: T4keNotes, Formally known as Kayde_

    Banned/Muted by: The one the only Tizakk

    Reason: Ddos Threats

    Time: Roughly about a month ago

    Your story:

    Right before I threatened to ddos the server I was asking Tizakk to remove Ray's homes in our base. tizakk had removed them and I thought everything was ok, Ray had homes on his alt and then continued to inside on that account. I was very frustrated at the time because I was told that his accounts homes were removed however they were not. It wasn't right of my to threaten ddosing the server (which I never did) for any reason. This all happened in the heat of the moment and now that I've taken some time off I'd be glad to return to reboot as an active player.

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. @Kirbee @Tizakk

    - I know my being unbanned if very unlikely due to the circumstances of the situation, however I've matured and I would like to return to reboot.
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  2. furyphoenix

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    why would you threaten to ddos in the moment though?,there were other ways you could have dealt with the situation such as talk to Tizakk and he would have done something ,I would suggest taking a better approach next time
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  3. Kirbee

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    Hey Kayde! Currently, I am only Manager and not the one to unban you; nor the one who banned you. However, I am sure Tizakk will view this appeal!

    P.S. You should remember to look who is in the Discord channel before threatening the server and others in the chat.

    Good luck!
  4. Spikewikee

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    Smartstrars jacked off in a Skype call

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  5. CharityWork

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  6. Tizakk

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    Minecraft account: Tizakk
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    If I am not mistaken you continued to harass me on discord or skype, can't quite remember. I will not be approving this.
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