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Changes to Buycraft

Discussion in 'News and announcements' started by Tizakk, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Tizakk

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    So we all know that stuff has got a bit out of hand with what can be purchased on Buycraft and we have made some mistakes which are going to be addressed right now.

    What are we changing?:
    • We have removed spawner kits from the server and from the buycraft. - If you had one you are entitled to something of the equivalent value on the store. ($10-15)
    • We have removed immortal armor, pickaxe and shovel from the store.
    • Insurance has been removed from the store and will not be in later versions.
    • We have decided to merge StatTrak & Legendary StatTrak into one at a greater price.
    Some of these changes will of happened already and some will happen at the start of the next map.

    If you are missing something like stated above then be sure to get in touch with me and we can resolve it.

    - Tizakk​
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  2. Brysen

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    Hey i had a rank (GOD) but since u reset server i lost it and also i changed my name its now jedi_brysenYT and my old was jedibrysen
    also i have a video to show u!! VIDEO:
  3. Brysen

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    get my msg ????

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