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Denied Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Archive' started by UnfadingJelly, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. UnfadingJelly

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    IGN: UnfadingJelly
    Banned/Muted by: _Wolfy
    Reason: Hacking
    Time: Around 4:55
    Your story:

    I was pvping in the wild with some legendary guy. I was getting recked so I admit it that I turned on hacks. I am very sorry and I regret the decision. I have been playing reboot for so long and I am very sorry for hacking. Please unban me if not I will just buy an unban. I will never hack again and once again I am sorry.
  2. _Wolfy

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    Minecraft account: _Wolfy
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    Appeal Closed. As you have bought an unban and I commend your decision to refrain from hacking the future :)
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