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Pending _ItsTech Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper applications' started by _ItsTech, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. _ItsTech

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    • In-game name? (_ItsTech):
    • Age? (You must be 15 to apply.): Yes am 16 years old
    • Donation Rank? (You must Donate to the server to apply.) I have donated Legendary rank
    • Any previous server bans? (Yes I have been one false Ban Tizakk knows):
    • Can you Record? (Yes or No.): Yes I Can Record with 2 different software's.
    • -You can download a free recording software.
    • Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail): I would like to become a Helper of this server because I love watching people have fun meeting new friends and just having fun but... There are bad sides to this... There are hackers. So I think that I have what it takes to become a Helper and get rid of spammers, hackers and people who just make the server an un-pleasent place to be I believe I can fix this and get new plugins for the server.
    • How long have you played on Reboot? I have been playing on reboot for 5
    • Timezone? My timezone is WA
    • Do you have Teamspeak and Skype? (Please don't post your skype here 'Yes or no'):
    • -Note you must be able to talk.- Yes I have Skype and Discord and i am happy to call all the time
    • -If you do not have it get it as it's required!-
    • Do you have any experience with server Helper? Yes I do i know all the commands and i am sure if there is something I dont know i will find a way to know how to do it.
    • Had any name changes? (List Them):,Tech_Gamer123,Tech_Gamer123YT and _ItsTech
    • Anything else you would like to tell us?:I know the Staff relay will and hope that i can get the server more players.
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  2. ImNotKingISwear

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    Minecraft account: SindresDad
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    Next time check your Spelling and grammar thoroughly
  3. Yershi

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    Your spelling is quite off and I believe you may need to implement more description to this application. I do see you on very often so it would be beneficial to add you to the team not including that you live in a very different time zone than me. I think you have a good shot if you add more description and double check your grammar. Good Luck! :)
  4. Cricket

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    -1 skids my cannons

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