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  1. JumpRope2005
  2. Mutinous
    Hey guys, Dm me on here or Discord for help. I'am always here! :D
  3. Goldensquirrel1
  4. SaltySam_
    Anxiety - "What if it happens?" Me - "But it won't happen." Anxiety - "But what if it does happen?" Anxiety is bad ;(
  5. SaltySam_
    Anxiety - "What if it happens?"
  6. Azuyii_
    Azuyii_ Tizakk
    Prove to me which mods are not allowed just because they are not on the list doesnt mean they are bad
  7. Samuel
    Samuel Tizakk
    heyo i had a overlord rank on dubcraft and my name was mrcoolshoes my current mc name is flouraram
  8. Nathan3796
    @Tizakk When legendary kits were the thing to get, now Immortal ones are. I would like the kits changed. It would be unfair. Please Reply.
  9. _Wolfy
    _Wolfy ossesmama1
    hey dood
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    2. ossesmama1
      hey man
      Jul 31, 2017
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  10. MisterDoc
    MisterDoc Tizakk
    Hey Tizakk, I was Just banned for advertising for the first time ever, i had no clue this was punishable, it will ABSOLUTLY never happen again and iv been supporting you and your server for quite some time and just bought my rank, is there any way i could be unmanned and unmuted. I should have read the rules more clearly before doing something but i had no clue
  11. Sierkill
    Yay my base got cheesed!
  12. Sierkill
    Finally Made the Sugar Cane farm! :D
  13. Informs / EnderMC
  14. Cammeh
    Cammeh Tizakk
    Hey Tizakk, I used to have God on dubcraft my IGN is still Cammeh and i was just wondering if i can have the equivalent rank on Reboot :)
  15. Ninja4YT
    Ninja4YT Tizakk
    I had an elite rank since dubcraft, IG:Ninja4YT Used to be: ninja_jpb
  16. Jiggjack
    Hi I am a normal MC player just like you!
  17. TheCortexGamer
  18. Sierkill
    Made a dirt house.
  19. Sierkill
    im bored lol
  20. Sierkill
    Mweh heh heh!