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  1. _Wolfy
  2. Elee0301
  3. ImNotKingISwear
  4. Minerpro205
    Minerpro205 _Wolfy
    You said "evading" I'm not an alt!
  5. Minerpro205
    Minerpro205 _Wolfy
    Wolfy Why did you just ban me?!
  6. littlesarah123
    littlesarah123 Tizakk
    I had the overlord rank, my name is littlesarah123
  7. gren159
    gren159 Tizakk
    Howdy, Tizakk. I was on Dubcraft/Wubcraft a long while back and I had the God rank. My name was poptropica159 or SirFancy159 when I got it. I'm not sure how to get it fixed besides messaging you.
  8. ProPlayer
    ProPlayer Tizakk
    Hey Tizzak its pro player here,

    Since i won vote top this month, how do i redeem my rewards?
  9. AviRules3003
    Made My Application :) Waiting on kirbee now!
  10. xXLukep21Xx
    xXLukep21Xx Kirbee
    When are you gonna get your wifi back -_-
    1. Kirbee
      Apr 27, 2017
  11. _Wolfy
    _Wolfy Kirbee
    Kirbapityboop we miss you, noob!
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    2. Kirbee
      I am so sorry! I had no WiFi!
      Apr 27, 2017
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  12. DJSKateboarder
    DJSKateboarder tizbot
    I got something and It never gave me It it was fac pwer of 60 I have 60 so a got more but it did bothing can u help or give me store $
  13. VlixGaming
  14. bommbe57
    The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain
  15. xYeezY
    Reboot is Family, It will always be.
  16. Varoux
    Varoux Kirbee
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    2. Kirbee
      Apr 8, 2017
  17. _Wolfy
    _Wolfy Kirbee
    get on discord noob
    1. Kirbee
      I'm always on silly noodle.
      Apr 8, 2017
  18. StrafezPvP
    StrafezPvP Kirbee
    Hey Kirbee, thanks for the reply on the comment and suggestion.
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    2. Kirbee
      Apr 8, 2017
  19. Kirbee
    Hey, I'm Kirbee; the manager of Reboot. I enjoy assisting any and all players! Talk to me if you have a problem or question. xoxo <3
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  20. _ItsFadeGamer_
    _ItsFadeGamer_ Tizakk
    Info: I was banned because of hacking
    But I have not hacked I'm baked in a block

    And I apologize for changing the account

    I would very much like to go back to sever
    Username: _ItsFadeGamer_
    Username: ReLaXHD
    Username: xP4iNZz
    I am happy when I am spellbound or a back-lit griege