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  1. ILoveBoobss
    ILoveBoobss Tizakk
    Tizz I still waiting for that stick.... Tnx.
  2. uhWolfy
    Verified :D
  3. yellow_crayon
    Here on reboot 7.0 and legit just messing around
  4. HighChair
    Feeling Banned :(
  5. LegendGamingYT
    LegendGamingYT Tizakk
    Is glitching into base again the rules?
    1. Tizakk
      Mar 17, 2017
  6. 1862
    OLD IGN's: Matrixtalent/AntiPepe/Ungru2
  7. K4nker
    K4nker Tizakk
    i am waiting in ts can you pls move me
  8. xBulletPvPx
  9. EmperorGenesis
    EmperorGenesis Tizakk
    i can't use the code Map2Hype it says that im not allowed to use it
  10. Zero_side
    Zero_side Varoux
    Hello I want my rank back. My rank was the Elite rank. My ingame name is Zero_side. I'm looking forward to the server
  11. _ItsFadeGamer_
    _ItsFadeGamer_ Varoux
    I want to rank my rank still fast and the VIP Rank my ingame name is _ItsFadeGamer_ also known as ReLaXHD and I hope I have the still wahre genuine coooooool of you I am gladly synonymous already on the new map I am gesoannt and I'll check it out and my 20 million dollars and my stattrak coin and rename
  12. furyphoenix
    15 and trying to live life to the fullest
  13. pyropandamaniac
    pyropandamaniac Tizakk
    hi in wubcraft i was god rank my ign was masonsap
    now it is simplywater_ can i get it back
  14. Amariii
    Amariii Tizakk
    Hey Tizakk, I messaged on your profile a LONG time ago about my God Rank from wub craft, and still don't have it. Uh if you could help, that'd be great :) (My name was Pretty_Walffin on wubcraft, but I changed it to Amariii)
  15. Modznotc00l
    Modznotc00l Tizakk
    I legit spent 30min on my forum and u deny it? GIVE MY RANK!!!
  16. _Wolfy
  17. Speed1234
    Speed1234 Tizakk
    tizakk do you have a moment rn?
  18. Jakobbuller
    Jakobbuller Tizakk
    Yo Tiz my boy lavamaster14 donated for Worldedit, received the package and doesn't have the permissions, I was wondering if you could check out his post please, thanks.
  19. TheMLGLemon
    TheMLGLemon Tizakk
    Hey Tiz, I was just wondering if you could take a look at my forum, its about getting my rank back. Thanks!
  20. ItsKevinHere
    ItsKevinHere Tizakk
    Hey Tizakk, I was an Overlord in Wubcraft and would really appreciate it if you could return that to me! Thanks a bunch!