1. Currently other faction players on pvp.rebootmc.com
So we have had a few people saying that they want a map reset for all maps, I have created a poll so I can see what everyone wants, please vote on the poll.


This means that only the maps and money will get reset, you will keep the ranks, McMMO, EXP, Inventories, PV's, Ect.

It would really help us out if you voted.

- Tizakk​
We have added a new voting system because the old one was not working well, we are now using Votifier, that means that you have to vote in the websites one at a time.

When voting you can get the following per vote:
- Voter kit
- $1000 money
- 5 diamonds
- 1 McMMO Credit
- 5 XP Levels

You can see the status of the link when you use /vote in game, if it has "NO REWARD" next then that means that you will get nothing for voting and the "REWARDS" means that you will receive rewards when voting for RebootMC.


You can vote 4 times a day, so you have the chance to get four times more items daily.

- Tizakk

For a limited time there is a 50% off sale on everthing in the Buycraft webstore.
Link to the Store
So I have changed the "Donator" rank to "Supporter", so that means that if you're trying to get a kit that has changed to /kit supporter or anything else that requires you to use donator that will have changed to supporter.

The reason that I have changed this because the dark blue on Minecraft looks really bad and I think that this now looks alot better, also makes it a bit easier on the eyes. ;)

If you have any questions then please leave them below.

- Tizakk​
The Ultimate rank is now available on the store!
You can see all the perks on the page of the store.
Link: <Ultimate>

- Tizakk​
We have noticed that there is a disconnection bug on RebootMC, you might randomly get disconnected. We're working to fix the issue and please be patient.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

EDIT: I think I have fixed the issue, if this is still happening then please report below.

We have decided to reset the eco on RebootMC, there was alot of money that was gained though exploits when the server first released, now we have patched them at and put everyone back to 2k.

Anyone found doing any money exploits will be reset.

If you have any questions then please feel free to PM me.
- Tizakk​
I'm changing the Personal vaults, to make the factions experience on RebootMC, there will be better faction raids, and make your lives more valuable.

Non-Donators will no longer have any personal vaults.
  • Donator will have 1 vault.
  • VIP will have 1 vaults.
  • Elite will have 2 vaults.
  • Titan will have 3 vaults.
  • God will have 4 vaults.
  • Overlord will have 5 vaults.
  • Ultimate is not finished.
These changes will be applied on the 31st of May.
This is what I'm thinking, this is not final, I could change this at any time.

- Tizakk​
Hello guys, this weekend you can get 25% off any rank, upgrades, spawners, kits and more with the coupon "25off"
Go to the store: here

Weekend 23rd - 26th May.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

- Tizakk​
You can now smelt your items on RebootMC!
Simply add your item at the top and coal or wood at the bottom and you should have something like this.

This is an example and you might not get the same amount as me.

I hope you enjoy this.
- Tizakk​