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Hey guys,​

So many of you know already that there was a problem with the mcmmo, what we have done to try and fix this issue is completely removed everything mcmmo related and started again with it.

This means that any stats that you might have gained this past week will be wiped, however most of the players were not over 500, so what we are doing is giving you the chance to redeem 500 free mcmmo credits on the store to make up for this, we have also taken screenshots of the people on the /mctop and they will receive the stats that they lost within the next few days.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused you and we want to thank you for being patient.

Free 500 MCMMO:

Thanks again,
- Tizakk​
I have had the server down all day working on these things mentioned in this thread, more into here.

- Tizakk​
Here are the top voters for the month of may.
Send me a PM to get your vouchers.

- Tizakk​
We have a few winners, these are the winners this time around, enter the other giveaways in the future for your chance to win.

Reboot rank: @Jack Dixon
StatTrak & Repair Coin: @whitexam

- Tizakk​
We have had many complaints about being trapped in portals and we have come up with a few solutions that might help you out if you are trapped.
  • Login to Minechat or any other Minecraft chat app and return to spawn with "/spawn".
  • Message a mod/admin on the forums and they will teleport you to spawn.
- Tizakk​
We have noticed that the register and reset password emails have not been being sent so we have upgraded the servers and now these all work fine, all the users that have not activated their accounts because they didn't get the email have manually been activated by us.

- Tizakk
Hey guys!

I have been updating the server recently and working hard on being new plugins to the fun as you will see in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the changes that have happened recently.
  • New HeadHunting Plugin.
  • Sponges now work with Lava
  • New layout and packages on the store.
  • We are now recruiting more staff to work with us, so RebootMC will become a better place.
I have had some suggestions that people want to see HeadHunting in the server, so I have got it developed and am releasing it today, here is how it works:

When you kill a player, a percent is added to the head.
You can sell that head with the command. /sellhead

Depending on what rank you are, you will get more money or higher percentage. Here are the percentages.:
Default: 5%
Supporter: 6%
VIP: 6%
Elite: 7%
Titan: 7%
God: 8%
Overlord: 8%
Ultimate: 9%
Master: 9%
Reboot: 10%


These are not final and might get edited.
Anyone to be seen abusing this in anyway will be banned.

More updates to come, I hope you enjoy the server as it improves.
- Tizakk

It's official, the fire server is getting reset on the 1st, I tried to let you guys decide but it was ruined by the players so I have to do the decision making.

What's staying?

What's going?
- PV's.
- Echests.
- Inventories.
- Fresh map.

Crates will not come over, so don't expect them.

I have seen a lot of cheaters within the server and I have been cutting down on them, I have banned quite a few and I am adding other things to combat this issue.

There has also been a lot of glitches within the server, I have tried to patch most of them and if one comes up then I will try fix it ASAP, report to staff if you got any.

- Tizakk​
We have had many difficulties with the offline UUIDs as the server was in offline mode so that generates a hash of the username that is not valid from the Mojang servers, so we have sent most of the day converting all the offline UUIDs to online.

If you are having this problem where you don't have any money, homes or mcmmo wont load then please notify me ASAP and I will get this issue sorted for you.

We also had some issues this morning when our servers went down because of the changing username updates that Mojang were applying to there servers, we are looking into this issue and should have it fixed soon.

Some of our plugins don't support such changes we recommend that you don't change your username until we get these issues patched up and fully support these username changes.

Things that you will not get if you change your name:
  • Private Vaults
  • Leave/disband factions. Edit: (Factions now supporting Name Changes.)
  • Other bad things.

Thanks for your patience,