1. Currently other faction players on pvp.rebootmc.com

This will be released on Friday 2nd at 8PM GMT

This is a very simple server, in the past we have tried to over do it which led the community not to like the server anymore. But now, we are starting again and none of the previous plugins we have had made will be included into this server with the exception of shop and fixes.
What will the server consist of?
  1. The spawn in one we have had before in 2.0 of this server which I think everyone loved so we have used it.​
  2. The warzone around spawn is not edited and just regular generated world.​
  3. The crates are of the old system you click the crate and it gives you rewards straight to your inventory, which I think is better than any other crates system that we have had.​
  4. We have included one of the very first versions of StatTrak with CTP support so you don't lose your item when you disconnect or log, which players loved.​
  5. We have taken the KoTH from 6.0 and implemented it into this server.​
  6. We have included the very first version of SLAP, allowing players to slap each other.​
  7. We have included our new potion stacking plugin to allow users to auto-stack potions when they are running around or use the /pot command.​
  8. We have removed all competitive aspects. (FactionsTop, ect.)​
  9. We have added a new warp fps, which should be interesting.​
  10. We have redone our shop fixes to what we see as reasonable. (shop)​
  11. We will only be supporting 1.7-1.8.9 for now.​
You can see a list of everything on our blog post found here.

You have have chargedback and you would like to be unbanned from Buycraft and have use of what you...
Hey guys,​

I have taken a month off from servers completely and found that I actually really enjoy working on Reboot, so I am going to be putting it back online again in the very near future and we will once enjoy the server again.

I have come to realise that the more players you have the more stressful and less enjoyable it is running the server as you lose track of the community and talking to everyone and spreading your time across lots of users just doesn't work which is why I am going to be aiming to have a small server with a small community.

There's personal reasoning that I had to stop and disconnect, but now I am back and once again with the motivation of making the best semi-op server.

If you didn't like something I did last time around let me know so I am aware and try to do it better this time.​

- Tizakk​
So over the past months I have been thinking about closing the server and today I am officially here to say the server will no longer have updates applied to it and after a few months will probably not be online as there is nothing to fund the hosting, I will be allowing donations to keep the server online so you can donate a dollar or two, I will not be taking any cuts anymore.

I have had many good times and bad times with Reboot but it's just got to the point that I hate doing it and I have lost all passion and motivation as well as Minecraft the whole community dropping by about 30% it is very hard for the same old servers to stay around.

If you enjoy working on servers and think you could do it better then I would encourage you to go down your own path but if you have a social life outside then it simply won't work.

I want to thank everyone in believing in me and the generosity of certain people that enjoyed what I created as I started with no friends was just an anti-social kid and with this server I have learnt very important skills in my life to succeed further.

Not much more to say from this point, if you have any questions about anything server related over these past 2.5 years then leave a post and I will try get back to it.

I would like to personally thank:
  • Vyvyan
  • Jamie (Changes name ever two seconds, don't keep up.)
  • Various staff members that helped with the server.

Peace guys.
- Tizakk​
When are we resetting?
(Friday 23rd Sept @ 4PM EST)​


  • Spawn is now much smaller and surrounded by warzone for pvp and with KOTHs at North, South, East and west of the spawn point.
  • Nether - You will now be able to build in the nether like the old days.
  • End - You will be able to build and raid in the end, withers will be enabled in the end.
  • Overworld Border: (10,000 x 10,000)
  • Nether Border: (5,000 x 5000)
  • End Border: (5,000 x 5,000)
  • We have completely redone our chat system and applied more updates to the chat allowing slowing of chat, factions chat, item chat and chat filter.
Factions (1.8.2)
  • We have decided to change our version of factions to factionsone an older version of factions aswell as all of our addons, you can read about usage factionsone here.
  • We have redone this and it should now be running better and now displays faction relations, items in containers and player balances in the faction value.
  • Dragon eggs are now worth $10,000,000 towards your faction top value and can be found in crates and KOTH events.
  • This is one of our custom addons for FactionsOne, you can create warps for your faction with passwords at a cost of $25,000.
  • We have enabled headhunting for mobs, these may only be obtained by you killing the mobs and there is a 5% chance that a mob head will drop worth 1% of the spawner buy value.
  • We have redone our trakka plugin to closer match the old stattrak, there is no longer drops and you have unlimited fixes on a trakka item.
Custom Enchants
  • These have since been revisited and developed more since we last used it...
The faction top plugin we were using is just completely broken so instead of giving based on faction top, we are giving on baltop, first page will receive $50 and second page will receive $25 Buycraft vouchers.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Message me here on the forums to receive your voucher.

Thanks for those who participitated,
- Tizakk​
Hey guys, I am hosting a mini factions event and what this is factions that will last a week and the people to have the most on the f top will receive a $50 Buycraft voucher for every member of the winning faction.

The limitations are:
  • Only overworld with 1000x1000 world border.
  • 10 members per faction.
The primary reason for this event is to test new developments that we have been working on and to try and find bugs before the upcoming reset, we will be running various updates in this time and fixes too.

All the same rules apply from the normal server.

This server is in beta so expect bugs and less features than you would normally see, we are still working on it.

If you would like to join in this event then you can join using the IP below.

- Tizakk​
Hey guys,​

So as we all know the shit talking has gone way to far for too long, disrespecting staff and other players is just unacceptable and it has to change TODAY.

I agree with a bit of competitive trash talk, but this is just another level of toxic and no one would want to even want to be associated with this server, the mods have been informed that the people doing this will be muted and banned WITHOUT warning, here is your warning from me.

I'll leave you to clean this mess up, if not, you will be removed from the community forever. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all or better leave the community.

Sorry for the negativity,
- Tizakk​
Here are the players that won top 3 on the voting list, vouchers have been added to your mail.​
  1. @GDownTurbo​
  2. @giniloc​
Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset.
- Tizakk​
Hey guys,

A game breaking shop bug has been discovered and we have decided to roll the server back 24 hours to make sure that any non-legit items have been removed from the server.

Various bug fixes are being worked on and things will return as they are complete.

All purchases made in this 24 hour period will be re credited on login.

I am also giving away 2x reboot ranks one on twitter and one on snapchat, you can redeem a few crates that will be on buycraft and a KOTH will when the server starts back up.

- Tizakk​

Welcome to RebootMC 5.0!

When will we be releasing this reset?

We have been working hard on this reset to make RebootMC once again fun, attempting to eliminate all the issues and just make the server fun again for all users. We have made some quite big changes in terms of our server setup and they will be below, this time around it's been what is most popular on the forums and the players that have been joining the discussion and voting on the future of the server.

But it must go with saying that none of these changes are permanent and if you do not like something then we encourage you to voice your opinion on the forums in the correct section where you can talk about these things.

This map will bring lots of experimenting with what the players enjoy, if you are one of those that do not approve of some of our changes we would like you to take part on the forums rather than trash talking in game.

What will be reset?
  • All worlds.
  • Inventories.
  • McMMO stats
  • Private vaults.
  • Echests.
  • Anything else that saves player data.
What will be included in 5.0?
  • Overworld - We are keeping the world border at 15,000 x 15,000 from spawn point.
  • Nether - The Nether will have a border of 5,000 x 5,000. (Can build, but not claim.)
  • End - The End will have a border of 5,000 x 5,000. (Can't build here or claim.)
  • Spawn - We have a floating spawn island which makes for a great PVP for players in the spawn region.
  • Custom Terrain - We have pre-generated the map and it's super flat and optimised for PVP!
  • KOTH - We have now added KOTHs to RebootMC, there are 3 arenas on each side of the spawn which you have to control for 5 minutes and loots will consist of 4 various keys, they are little islands so watch out because you can fall off!
  • Crates -...