1. Currently other faction players on pvp.rebootmc.com
Few updates that have happened to the server.
  • Sorted the issue with Paymentwall, you should be able to use it now.
  • Removed FactionsTop and awaiting new methods to make it more efficient.
  • Got a new testing server which you can join and test new additions to the server! (test.rebootmc.com)
  • Got some more fixes and features in the works that should be deploying to the test server soon.
  • Going to be running a 50% off all ranks for this upcoming weekend on the store. (Jan 13th-16th).
  • We have also had to drop the support for 1.7, it's not a good use of time fixing every 5 minutes.
  • Use of cobble monsters is now against the rules.
We have been working on a few updates to apply to the server as soon as we could and they are the following:
  • FactionTop has been added once again, this was a highly requested feature and we have been working on it.
  • We have reduced the price of melons by roughly 25-30%.
  • We have increased the prices of the "mob drop" category by 10%.
  • We have increased iron ingots by roughly 30%, same with gold ingots.
We have many more things planned to have implemented and we should slowly see over the next coming weeks. :)
Hey nerds,

I am here to notify you guys that a player on the server is trying to hack as many accounts as possible to cause havoc throughout the server and we have giving the donators and staff the ability to use 2FA for their accounts.

What is 2FA?
2FA is another factor of authentication when you login to verify it's you so instead of just having just your Minecraft password you will have to go on your phone and enter a code when you login this is used by many companies to unsure the security of their customers.

So we are offering the chance for all donators to add another factor of authentication to their account to make sure it's not hacked and your progress is destroyed. However, this is totally optional and if you don't want to protect your account you can not activate it. If you don't activate it you are held responsible for your account and items.

How do I activate my 2FA?

When you login to the server you will have to execute the command /auth with one space in your hotbar, you will then be greeted with a map with a QR code on it, you then open your "Google Authenticator" or "Authy" app (You have to download this from the app store, I believe they are on IOS and Android) Which will look something like this:
You then have to scan the image with your camera and it will be added to your application, you then proceed to go into this application when you login to Minecraft to fetch the code when logging in.

You can read more about Google Authenticator.

We will also have a rank on the forums where you can activate 2FA on your account, this will come soon.


We have also changed the anticheat as people are complaining to back to the other one with a fresh config to hope it works a bit better.

We have changed...
Hello guys,

Today I have realised that a handful of people have been abusing a coupon that has been left on in our store due to Buycraft being broken and it not working, these individuals have had all permissions wiped from their accounts as stated in the TOS when using our store.

I am writing it here to explain to all players so you will know why people will be complaining that they have no rank or permissions, because they took part in abusing the system to get free stuff.

If you are someone that has been caught up with this and have lost your permissions, send me a message and we will be able to get it resolved ASAP.

Thanks guys,
- Tizakk
We have launched a 40% off christmas sale for everyone to enjoy over christmas time, you will have it automatically when you go on the store, no coupons are required! :)

You can visit the store with the link below:

Happy Holidays!
- Tizakk​
Hey guys, we are going to be doing a giveaway for the Legendary Rank on our server. All you have to do is follow us on twitter and subscribe to the youtube channel.


This giveaway will be going on for 7 days from today then a winner will be picked. :)

Good luck!
- Tizakk
Hey nerds,

I have received many requests to change the current custom enchantments so they are not so rare and issues applying them to your items.

We have now fixed this with adding a 10% chance in the enchanting table and keeping the same 5% recurrence chance, enchants are capped at level two for every enchant and you can only have a maximum of three on any given item at once.

You will also be able to use the runecrafter once again to apply these enchants to your items. Runecrafter works by either clicking an anvil with the selected item or by using the /ce rune command.

- Tizakk​
Hey guys, we are going to be doing a giveaway for the Legendary Rank on our server. All you have to do is follow us on twitter and subcribe to the youtube channel.


This giveaway will be going on for 7 days from today then a winner will be picked. :)

Thanks to all that has entered and we will be doing another shorty. :)

Good luck!
- Tizakk

This will be released on Friday 2nd at 8PM GMT

This is a very simple server, in the past we have tried to over do it which led the community not to like the server anymore. But now, we are starting again and none of the previous plugins we have had made will be included into this server with the exception of shop and fixes.
What will the server consist of?
  1. The spawn in one we have had before in 2.0 of this server which I think everyone loved so we have used it.​
  2. The warzone around spawn is not edited and just regular generated world.​
  3. The crates are of the old system you click the crate and it gives you rewards straight to your inventory, which I think is better than any other crates system that we have had.​
  4. We have included one of the very first versions of StatTrak with CTP support so you don't lose your item when you disconnect or log, which players loved.​
  5. We have taken the KoTH from 6.0 and implemented it into this server.​
  6. We have included the very first version of SLAP, allowing players to slap each other.​
  7. We have included our new potion stacking plugin to allow users to auto-stack potions when they are running around or use the /pot command.​
  8. We have removed all competitive aspects. (FactionsTop, ect.)​
  9. We have added a new warp fps, which should be interesting.​
  10. We have redone our shop fixes to what we see as reasonable. (shop)​
  11. We will only be supporting 1.7-1.8.9 for now.​
You can see a list of everything on our blog post found here.

You have have chargedback and you would like to be unbanned from Buycraft and have use of what you...
Hey guys,​

I have taken a month off from servers completely and found that I actually really enjoy working on Reboot, so I am going to be putting it back online again in the very near future and we will once enjoy the server again.

I have come to realise that the more players you have the more stressful and less enjoyable it is running the server as you lose track of the community and talking to everyone and spreading your time across lots of users just doesn't work which is why I am going to be aiming to have a small server with a small community.

There's personal reasoning that I had to stop and disconnect, but now I am back and once again with the motivation of making the best semi-op server.

If you didn't like something I did last time around let me know so I am aware and try to do it better this time.​

- Tizakk​