1. Connect to the server with the IP: pvp.rebootmc.com
Hey guys,​

So as we all know the shit talking has gone way to far for too long, disrespecting staff and other players is just unacceptable and it has to change TODAY.

I agree with a bit of competitive trash talk, but this is just another level of toxic and no one would want to even want to be associated with this server, the mods have been informed that the people doing this will be muted and banned WITHOUT warning, here is your warning from me.

I'll leave you to clean this mess up, if not, you will be removed from the community forever. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all or better leave the community.

Sorry for the negativity,
- Tizakk​
Here are the players that won top 3 on the voting list, vouchers have been added to your mail.​
  1. @GDownTurbo​
  2. @giniloc​
Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset.
- Tizakk​
1.7 (July 26th):
  • Fixed permission to /gp for god+
  • Completed daily backup.
1.6 (July 25th):
  • Added /sell for members.
  • Completed daily backup.
1.5 (July 24th):
  • Fixed bug that players could get on top of warp pvp.
  • Implemented the /sell and /buy commands again.
  • Completed daily backup.
  • Documenting Luckycases ideas and new HeadHunting update.
1.4 (July 22nd):
  • Working on more fixes and functionality for CustomTP.
  • Thinking about ideas for KoTH and LuckyCases to shortly begin development.
  • Fixed some ranks not being able to show items in chat.
  • Completed daily backup.
1.3 (July 21th):
  • Increased the KOTH size by two blocks each way.
  • Disabled use of enderpearls in KOTH areas.
  • Fixed credits removed from some players from the rollback.
  • Fixed TNT not breaking stone and cobble in claims.
  • Implemented creeper egg block list.
  • Completed daily backup.
1.2 (July 20th):
  • Fixed creeper eggs with block list, should also fix the dry shooting bug. (implemented shortly)
  • Fixed TP plugin requests not expiring / multiple TP requests.
  • Fixed accidental ultimate rank spawner changing permissions.
  • Added permissions for (/list, /who, /online)
  • Fixed major shop glitch. (implemented shortly.)
  • Removed access to commands (/d, /particle, /home, /emote) in KOTH areas.
  • Completed daily backup.
  • Cleaned up some of the forums.
1.1 (July 19th):
  • Completed rollback.
1.0 (July 15th):
  • Initial server reset release.
Hey guys,

A game breaking shop bug has been discovered and we have decided to roll the server back 24 hours to make sure that any non-legit items have been removed from the server.

Various bug fixes are being worked on and things will return as they are complete.

All purchases made in this 24 hour period will be re credited on login.

I am also giving away 2x reboot ranks one on twitter and one on snapchat, you can redeem a few crates that will be on buycraft and a KOTH will when the server starts back up.

- Tizakk​

Welcome to RebootMC 5.0!

When will we be releasing this reset?

We have been working hard on this reset to make RebootMC once again fun, attempting to eliminate all the issues and just make the server fun again for all users. We have made some quite big changes in terms of our server setup and they will be below, this time around it's been what is most popular on the forums and the players that have been joining the discussion and voting on the future of the server.

But it must go with saying that none of these changes are permanent and if you do not like something then we encourage you to voice your opinion on the forums in the correct section where you can talk about these things.

This map will bring lots of experimenting with what the players enjoy, if you are one of those that do not approve of some of our changes we would like you to take part on the forums rather than trash talking in game.

What will be reset?
  • All worlds.
  • Inventories.
  • McMMO stats
  • Private vaults.
  • Echests.
  • Anything else that saves player data.
What will be included in 5.0?
  • Overworld - We are keeping the world border at 15,000 x 15,000 from spawn point.
  • Nether - The Nether will have a border of 5,000 x 5,000. (Can build, but not claim.)
  • End - The End will have a border of 5,000 x 5,000. (Can't build here or claim.)
  • Spawn - We have a floating spawn island which makes for a great PVP for players in the spawn region.
  • Custom Terrain - We have pre-generated the map and it's super flat and optimised for PVP!
  • KOTH - We have now added KOTHs to RebootMC, there are 3 arenas on each side of the spawn which you have to control for 5 minutes and loots will consist of 4 various keys, they are little islands so watch out because you can fall off!
  • Crates -...
Here are the players that won top 3 on the voting list, vouchers have been added to your mail.​
  1. @QueztUS
  2. @swatfab
  3. @TheExzim
Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset.
- Tizakk​
Hey guys, I have made it so the ranks will sync with your rank ingame and you will be able to access donator features on the forums such as shoutbox & donator/high priority support forums.

If you would like your rank synced then you will have to change your name to your IGN using the change username feature found when you click on your name on the top right.

Please note that ranks are synchronized every 20 minutes so that is when you will a change.

Here are the players that won top 3 on the voting list, vouchers have been added to your mail.​
  1. @Quezt_US​
Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset.
- Tizakk​
Welcome to Reboot 4.0

When is the reset?

Friday, March 11th at 4:00PM US Eastern / 9:00PM GMT

Due to many complications we are delaying the reset for a week for now.
Expected Date: Friday March 11th, 9PM.

What will stay?
  • Your rank, even if you have upgrade thru in-game.
  • Kit's bought, Legendary Tools, Disguise and as well all the commands bought.
What will be reset?
  • Entire map
  • Factions
  • Balances
  • Enderchests
  • Inventories
  • Vaults
  • Homes
  • Tokens
  • mcMMO
  • Faction power boosts
Features and Content:
  • Custom new spawn: That's right! A brand new fully custom spawn.
  • KoTh: Also know as King Of The Hill, will be making it's way on to the server. We are aiming for weekly KoTh's, to bring some more action on to the server. The reward for capturing these, can be anywhere from money,spawners,armor/tools and perhaps Buycraft vouchers(?)
  • Flat Bedrock: The map will still have flat bedrock, as this makes for eaiser base creation, and cannoning.
  • Lava: is still going to be the main resource to help everyone build walls. Nothing has changed regarding the draining, or flow of it. Lava now also acts like air, like it's supposed to.
  • World Size: 15,000 x 15,000
  • Crates: Have been fully re-vamped, with alot of new goodies. The new crates are: Voting, Common (0.5$), Exotic(1.0$), Mythical(2.5$), Ultra(5.0$), Legendary(7.5$).
  • New Custom Enchants: We are bringing you a fully new custom enchants, as we feel this was needed. The custom enchants can now be added to normal enchants, thru a tier token system. The maximum enchants you can have on something is 5 including vanilla and custom.
  • The End: has been re-vamped. The end will only be used for pvp, enderpearl gathering and so on. You will not be able to build/claim in the end. One of the KoTh's will also be located...
We have now fixed all emails not sending and any accounts pending have been automatically updated so you can use the forums.